BodyThetan Show - May 22 2004

From Hartley Patterson Six suppressive persons assembled on a pleasantly sunny afternoon outside the cult's offices.

Present: Jens, Dave, Neil, Tony, myself and one other. We had placards, leaflets and 'Xenu' balloons but no boom box this time.

Pedestrianised New Street is a favorite spot for hucksters and entertainers, we had musicians and opposite us some born-again Christians. I had a chat with one who was well informed about scientology.

Confrontation: none. We did our drills but failed to spot a single scientologist! Reaction at Birmingham has been steadily decreasing and can't get lower on the Scale than this short of them closing.

Thank you: a passing American told a sad tale of how the manic- depressive father of a friend of his had joined the cult and... "They took him off his meds", I guessed. Of course they did. He left eventually, minus his savings and his health.

After a refreshing drink we headed back to our respective stations to fight our way through the complexities of our delightful rail system.

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