BodyThetan Show - October 22 2005

A warm sunny day, and four suppressives turned up outside the Tottenham Court Road "org".

They seemed very agitated, and one loser tried to use his expensively-acquired powers by inflicting the "death=stare" on us to no effect. Plenty of support from the passers-by, apart from a couple of guys under the influence of something or other who seemed to want to provoke a fight for the fun of it and managed to waste more of the Scientologist's time than they did of ours, the Scientologists being just overjoyed that anyone was willing to stop and talk to them.

The "org" were running a "stress-test" demonstration whose major purpose was to try and sell copies of "Dianetics". When we had been there for nearly all our promised two hours and were about to leave, the police eventually turned up in response to the "org"'s frantic complaints. This time the clams were complaining not about the noise interrupting their students (what students?) but about our use of the X-word, which was apparently offensive to their "religion". Hey guys, complain to L. Ron Hubbard, not to us, we didn't invent the OTIII nonsense.

Having handed out hundreds of leaflets and suitably enturbulated Scientology, we retired to a convenient local hostelry, promising to return soon.

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