BodyThetan Show - July 23 2011

Bigger turnout than usual boosted by a French (and Norwegian) contingent. About twenty at Queen Victoria Street, with only about five Scientologists visible at their "Ideal Morgue&qout;. Perhaps their numbers deserve to be amplified as we did see a proper Sea Org officer in a uniform with gold braid (only one stripe of braid, though) as opposed to the demoralised drones we normally observe. Presumably he is there to shout at them and punish them until morale and numbers improve.

Scientology numbers must be bad as before 1:00 the Tottenham Court Road shop was closed (whatever has happened to Martin?). Eventually Stefania (the DSA) got it open. Not much point as the only customers were the usual - four lads having a laugh. Our numbers grew to about forty.

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