BodyThetan Show - October 24 1998

The Scientologists were holding a major event at their Saint Hill headquarters near East Grinstead, Sussex - apparently to relaunch a book on 'Ethics' so suppressives decided to rain on their parade. Actually Xenu decided to rain on everybody's parade, Saturday being the wettest day this year. But we turned up outside the main entrance to Saint Hill at 1pm with a banner denouncing RTC for 'squirreling'. There were perhaps 15 cars parked on the verge outside, other cars going in and out, and even a coach that was unloading people at a nearby car- park. Scientology 'security' were enturbulated by the picket, and tried to push us off the verge into the road. The police, who we always inform in advance, turned up and were notably unimpressed by the Scientologists complaints of 'trespass' on a public highway. When the police left, one Scientologist got fairly aggressive with his pushing, so we moved into the roadway, protected from oncoming traffic by a parked car. The 'security' detail then tried to protect passing Scientologists from the sight of us by standing further out in the roadway at great risk to their own safety. We eventually decided that they had volunteered for their duty as an alternative to the sheer horror of having to listen to speeches about "Ethics".
After half-an-hour in the downpour we decided as planned to head back into East Grinstead intending to warm up, dry out, and then start picketing the 'Saint Hill Manor Information Centre & Bookshop' in town. But at about 2.00, just as we were steeling ourselves to brave the elements again, we noticed that the bookshop had pulled the shutters down, although it was open when we passed at 1.40. On our previous excursion to East Grinstead, we had met very determined opposition outside the bookshop, but this time - nada. Perhaps the new "Ethics" as squirreled by Miscavige consists of the exciting new 'non-confront' Tech. So we posed for photos to mark the achievement - the first time we have actually forced a Scientology establishment to shut up shop rather than face us. We ended the day damp but happy.

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