BodyThetan Show - April 25 2009

A sunny day and two suppressives turned up near the War Memorial at 11:00. By 1:00 we had five protestors and a working loud-hailer.

For a location on the doorstep of St. Hill we had a lot of public support. There were only a handful of Scientologists actually identifying themselves, plus a few skulkers. One lady with a German accent heard us denouncing Scientology for breaking up families and demanded to know our "data", then insisted that the policy did not exist any more, then that it existed, but "never for family members", then that if somebody had family members who were murderers or drug dealers then it was justified to disconnect from them...

We met up with an ex-Scientologist and had a very interesting discussion after the picket finished at 15:00. There seem to be more ex-Scientologists in the area than active Scientologists.

A cracking day out.

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