BodyThetan Show - March 31 2007

A bright spring day. Six picketers turned up outside the Tottenham Street "Org" - 5 regulars plus a new picketer who had gone to the opening of the Quuen Victoria Street white elephant, taken a leaflet from our bedraggled ranks, visited the "org" and recognised it as "sinister".

It was a very busy picket as the BBC were there filming. Two besuited Sea Org characters seemed to be running everything on the Scientology side. Graeme Wilson was there, looking a picture of misery, knowing that someone will have to be blamed for the fiasco that is Scientology PR in the UK these days.

The "org" was pushing "Human Rights" which enabled us to denounce the hypocrisy of a "religion" with its own internal prison system (the RPF) talking about human rights.

Plenty of passers-by supporting us, plenty of leaflets distributed (several people said they didn't need the leaflets as they already knew how bad Scientology was. One lady was confused as to whether the man with the loudspeaker was pro or anti Scientology. Note for future: say "AGAINST" more often.

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