BodyThetan Show - May 31 2008

Glorious sunshine for another '"Anonymous" event. About thirty turned up at the War Memorial in East Grinstead. We had the boom-box. The police objected to a placard including the "words" "SH!T IT UP" (apparently a quote from a PCSO on anothe Anonymous event) and to the words "Evil" and &quout;Brainwashing" although CULT was not a problem.

The CULT is clearly a problem for the people of East Grinstead, who told us about the way Scientology tries to dominate the town. One woman thanked us for picketing and told us how her mother (who is still in the cult had divorced her father because of the Disconnection policy. Another child of Scientology parents spoke about how his parents had kept a Scientologist having a mental braeakdown prisoner in their garden shed one summer. Many drivers going past hooted in support. Scientologists in a car going past and talking on their mobile phone while driving got booked by the police.

After three and a half hours we moved off to Saint Hill. The Scientologists were hiding. No security at the gate. No insistence that the grass on their side of the road was Scientology property and standing on it was trespassing.

Eventually we set off on a circumnavigation of the Scientology headquarters. At one stage we caught sight of two Scientologists hiding in the bushes, trying to take photographs, refusing to talk. It was like a scene from a nature documentary.

Many thanks to the policemen who escorted us on our epic trek, around fields, across a stream, through muddy woods.....

We went round Saint Hill, seeing the dilapidation at close range. The Scientologists used their curtain-drawing technology to try and foil us, though we did catch sight of Unhappy Girl, still as miserable as ever.

Eventually we retuned to the main road, and hence to East Grinstead.

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