Books and Films about BodyThetans


For obvious reasons there are few films on BodyThetans, but the classic is 'Harvey' starring James Stewart. In those less enlightened days, the scriptwriters had to pretend that 'Harvey' was really a giant rabbit, but we know better, don't we?

There is also the Twighlight Zone TV script "Mcdonalds"

Books (many of these may be out of print but can be found in secondhand bookshops)

Across the Gobi Desert with an E-Meter - Brigadier Lancelot St. John Fawcett.

Across the Himalayas with an E-Meter - Brigadier Lancelot St. John Fawcett.

Across the Amazon with an E-Meter - Brigadier Lancelot St. John Fawcett (unfinished).

Mato Grosso Disaster: The search for the lost expedition - Major Lancelot St. John Fawcett (Jr)

Flopsy, Mopsy, Cottontail and Elron, the tale of four little BodyThetans who were the bestest of friends - The Duchess of York.

New Labour, New Britain, New BodyThetans (Labour Party pamphlet)

I was a BodyThetan for the FBI - J Elron Hoover

Did BodyThetans build the Great Pyramid? - Von Daniken

Ye Banishment of Daemons and Ye Clustering of Daemons - Necronomicon Original Texts (NOTS)

Thetanspotting - Irvine Welsh "Aaaargh, I'm covered with the f***ing f***ers! Get the f***ing f***ers off me, you f***ing f*** and I'll pay you anything."

The Gospel According to Miscavige

Harry Potter and the Cult of Doom

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